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Every fall gives us an opportunity to reset. We come back from the summer, reenergized and refocused on our goals for the remainder of the year. This fall, in particular, carries an even greater sense of hitting that “reset” button.

At Boston Private, we are also excitedly embracing change and embarking on a new chapter for our company and our clients. This summer we officially closed our acquisition deal with SVB Financial Group. We are deeply immersed in the process of bringing together the best of our two companies.

In this issue of Perspectives, you will see some of the ways that’s starting to come to life in features like the profile on Yvette Butler, President of SVB Private Banking & Wealth Management, our partner in leading our combined organization; a snapshot from Silicon Valley Bank’s quarterly State of the Markets Report, which shares unique innovation economy insights and trends, and a feature on SVB’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

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This fall, in particular, carries an even greater sense of hitting that “reset” button.

In This Issue

Health & Wellness Planning for Future Care of Loved Ones

It can be challenging to get family to talk openly about future needs and desires for aging loved ones. Hear our discussion on advantages to developing a proactive plan, considerations when developing an Aging Plan and best practices when engaging with your financial advisor.

Leisure To Thrive on the Vine

Hear how Rob McMillan, one of the top wine business analysts, provides strategic direction and financial services to winery and vineyard owners to help drive growth in the industry.

Wealth Planning Unique Trust Situations

When planning for a loved one with special needs, mental illness or addiction issues, an Irrevocable Trust can be a useful tool to ensure financial well-being. Boston Private Managing Director Katherine M. Sheehan. J.D., AEP® discusses the benefits of a trust for your family member.

Philanthropy Strengthening Communities and Expanding Opportunities

With the acquisition of Boston Private finalized, SVB is launching a five-year, $11.2 billion community benefits plan that builds on its long-standing commitment to help small businesses, finance affordable housing, and invest in and support the greater good through philanthropy and volunteer programs. Learn the details of this ambitious initiative.

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