A Letter from Our CEO

I’ve always been a big believer in goal setting. During all of our time at home over the last year, I’ve encouraged my children to set goals for how they would like to use this time in a productive and meaningful way. How can they use this time to serve others? What new skill or topic can they learn?

For many, goal setting happens at the start of the year, but by February, our resolutions may already be fading into memory. My hope is that this issue of Perspectives offers some motivation and inspiration to get back on track. Whether it’s achieving better work life balancegetting your estate plan in order, or even just reading more, we aim to provide the tools you need to reach your aspirations.

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... we're reminded of the goals we all must set to foster and support diversity in our workplaces and communities.

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Health & Wellness Leading from Diversity

Three key steps leaders can take to start implementing diversity and inclusion in a meaningful and resonant way.

Leisure Behind the Scenes: Keeping the NBA Bubble Secure

An insider’s view of the NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida.

Wealth Planning Leveraging Your Investment Portfolio

In a low-interest rate environment, borrowing is more attractive than ever and may even offer some tax benefits.

Philanthropy DeScenza Diamonds: A Shining Example of Putting Others First

Farmsteads New England aims to serve individuals with disabilities in a rural environment. Learn more about how their day programs are allowing individuals a meaningful life.

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